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Sit upright with back straight but not tense allowing the subtle energy winds to flow freely.

Right hand rests comfortably in the left with thumbs raised and gently touching. The two hands together symbolize the union of practice and wisdom.

Release any tension that you may be holding in your neck and shoulders.

Chin slightly tucked in and eyes are cast down or closed, taking your awareness inwards.

Begin by becoming aware of any thoughts or distractions that are arising in the mind.

Then gently turn your attention to the breath and its natural rhythm.Breathing through the nose take three very slow deep breaths.

As you breathe out imagine breathing away all thoughts and distractions. You start to empty.

Direct your awareness to the sensation of air passing at the tip of your nose, down through chest and the expansion of your abdomen as breath flows in.

Release the breath. Watch as breath flows out.

Become aware of the start of the in-breath. Know that you are breathing in.

Become aware of the out-breath. Know that you are breathing out.

Then go again, and again just observing the sensation of the flow of breath.

You may get distracted by thought, simply watch each thought arise and fall just like the breath. They are impermanent, coming and going, just let them be and kindly and gently return your attention to the breath.

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