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"The moment you enter DPY studio you are warmly greeted with a hug & a cup of organic herbal tea. You take a spot on a mat that has been lovingly prepared . No class is the same each & every class has its own, focus, purpose, intention and goal. The class begins with being guided to bring awareness to the body, breath and the mind. Vinyasa flow is the most divine yoga. Dani teaches in an intelligent, thoughtful and easy to understand way. There are always modifications offered to meet any restriction in the body. The class concludes with yoga nidra and we end where we started. Laying on the mat but only this time we are different, change has occurred, an intention met. My personal yoga experience has grown significantly with Dani as my teacher. Dani has taught me yoga is more than just turning up to a class once a week & rushing off somewhere else. For this I am most grateful. Namaste"

Andie Murphy/Community Health Worker

"The mind, body health benefits of your yoga classes are absolutely wonderful. I always feel like my batteries have been re charged and my mind cleared of clutter. A feeling of well being inside and out. I can work to my own potential and there is no judgement - always a friendly warm vibe in a relaxed environment. You do such a community service, I hope more people  see what an important aspect of a healthy balanced life yoga is. Sincerely and honestly" 

Marja Morgan

"A beautiful fellow yogi and I had a chat after our morning class. We both came to the same conclusion that Dani is the only reason we are doing Yoga. The minute I walked into the studio I knew that it was where I needed to be. Dani has the capacity to shift the weight of the world we carry around with us---a great gift. Thank you for being here in the present. We are most grateful." 

Julia Wheeler

"The first thing I wanted to do upon arriving home  from retreat was to write a heartfelt thank you to Dani for the experience she had given to me through the ‘Breathe into the spaces retreat’. I loved the practices, she put them together so beautifully, interpreting the teachings with great integrity, authenticity and creativity. I feel all stoked up with the goodies and so inspired.  A wonderful teacher. Thank you so much."

Cristine Davies/Librarian

"Dani has a gift of invoking a sense of peace and deep nourishment to her teachings. The yoga practice Dani guides us through is thoughtfully constructed and continues to provide a wonderfully fresh approach every time. The space she creates is honest and welcoming, mindfully allowing for individuals needs. Dani continues to amaze me with her knowledge and dedication.
Soul food !"

Pia /Landcare worker

"This studio is simple, beautiful and has an energy that will resonate for hours, Dani is an experienced and caring teacher that brings her own style of care and gratitude to the teachings. The awareness of the class and what she delivers is paramount to her experience in the field. I simply love this place and is a retreat space that nourishes me for the day. Thank you, thank you."

Jonathan /Sales and Marketing

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