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Yoga Therapy

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Personalised 1-Hour Sessions for deep mind and body restoration through asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), visualization, meditation chant, bhavana (affirmation) or personal ritual to meet the individual needs of the person presenting

Wellness Coach

What is Yoga Therapy?

TKV Desikachar described Yoga Therapy as "the appropriate adaption of yoga’s holistic tools" choosing and applying asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), visualization, meditation chant, bhavana (affirmation) or personal ritual to meet the individual needs of the person presenting.


Yoga Therapy respects differences in age, culture, religion, philosophy, occupation, personality, physical, mental and the emotional health barriers that define a person. There are a broad range of issues and conditions that can be alleviated or managed through an individualised Yoga Therapy approach.


The process includes a thorough diagnostic consultation session to begin with that looks into the physical, physiological, psychological and emotional or personality layers of a person. The therapist can then prescribe a whole range of yoga tools to help the student address their presenting needs and continue to work one to one to direct them to their goal, a place in their health that they potentially have not been before.

Krishnamacharya said that the human potential is limitless in its capacity for healing, for clarity, for understanding and change. Health is our greatest wealth and in these sessions you will be encouraged and supported to take control of your own healing process and life, personal empowerment.

No prior experience of yoga is required as it is the therapists job to work within your capacity and meet you exactly where you are physically, mentally, emotionally. The fist session will run for between 60-75 minutes and you will leave with a comprehensive yoga practice that is unique and highly individualised for you and you only.


We then work closely together for a further two 1hr sessions (more if required) to support the integration process, to progress the practice and to ensure that you continue to move more in the direction of your desired goals and outcomes.

Who is it for?

A personalised Yoga Therapy practice, can address for example musculoskeletal problems, neurological imbalances, digestive disorders, cardiac conditions, respiratory issues, injury recovery, anxiety, depression and other related mental health or mood disorders, insomnia, poor diet and lifestyle.

What you can experience is an increased sense of balance and stability, self confidence, concentration, less stress, more energy, less discomfort, improved strength and flexibility, better sleep quality, a healthier body, mind, lifestyle, more direction and purpose and an overall enhancement in the quality of your life.

These sessions are done in a safe, confidential, supportive and non judgmental environment with a therapist who is 100% invested, committed and available to guide you in your explorations and facilitating your healing journey.

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