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Your Internal Landscape

After taking a long summer sabbatical that was full of space and nourishment. I can feel myself moving into 2022 with a massive feeling of YES.! My internal landscape is feeling ever so open, peaceful, expansive and free. As practicing yogi-s we know that taking time and space for self inquiry, for cleansing our internal landscape is vital for self care and our overall wellbeing. We know that we are deeply shaped by our life experiences. That if we don't make space to clear them out , we will continue to hold them in our bodies and minds. The mind given the opportunity will then make up stories and patterns of thinking that will pollute your internal space, and keep you stuck in your beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and expectations. We then mistake these thoughts for the only ways of thinking and being and forget that we always have a choice on how we form and understand our life and how we choose to be in the world. Life will always be a mosaic of experiences, and you always have the choice to shape it. To shape your mind, your relationships, your challenges and your struggles. This is how we become who we are. So, who are you and what does your internal landscape look like at the start of this new year? Self-inquiry is an important ongoing process. Invite more “being” into your life so that you can reflect on the things, people, beliefs and behaviours that you need to let go of. We then have the space to listen, to receive vital energy for the right people, experiences and blessings to arrive. Start each day with quiet time and allow the mind to become still and introspective, receptive to deeper sources. Take mental energy into the heart centre, and from a state of calm look inside yourself and listen for what the ancient texts describe as that inner voice of wisdom and knowing to guide you. “For there is always light if only we are brave enough to see it, if only we are brave enough to be it.” Purpose is that light, now it’s time to switch it on.” ~ Amanda Gorman Flick that switch, become aware of your landscape, connect with your intentions, motivations. Once we come into contact with wisdom we start to become aware of our true nature and purpose speaks to us. See if you can hear your inner wisdom quietly cheering you on. Love


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