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Love or Fear

Have you been feeling moments of unrest, tension, frustration, sadness, fear, division both within and outside of yourself ? Marianne Williamson said that love and fear represent two different lenses through which we can view the world. That the lense that you choose will determine what you think and see. Which lense are you looking through?

Feel into yourself as you go about your daily life, are you tense, anxious, setting yourself apart, viewing yourself different from others, comparing and unconsciously judging what is right and wrong all the time? Are you contributing to this division?

Yoga teaches that this life is about union not division. We experience this in our yoga practice when the body, breath and mind merge and it becomes calm and harmonious. When the mind is in this state we become one, gifting us the ability to gain the right understanding of ourselves and others.

We experience this union every time we bring our hands to our heart in namaskar or anjali mudra. This gesture acknowledges the light not only within ourselves but that of others. It is an offering of humility and respect that honors the union between one heart and another’s. When in this gesture we are the same.

Our practice is an opportunity to take a step back from our fears, from looking for faults and differences and from making constant judgments and comparisons. Beneath those negative mental constructs there is a higher truth. where we can listen and learn from others, especially from those with different view points than our own. Everyone's perspective and opinions are valid. Patanjali’ Yoga Sutra 1.33 tells us that there are the four attitudes that will help us to reach a sense of truth and peace in our mind: maitri - loving kindness, friendliness, karuna – compassion, mudita – goodwill and upeksha – equanimity, not being drawn into judgement or contempt. He suggests that it is not an action, it is a feeling of the emotion in the mind. There needs to be a willingness and a quiet, steady space to regularly retreat to where you can anchor yourself to take that deep dive within your heart space.

Stay true to your deepest knowing as it is a powerful presence to hold and respect that others are doing the same. We are each so unique and so amazing in our own ways and we are all so much richer for what each of us brings. to this human experience. Open your heart, choose love

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