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Let go the Struggle

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

It is always a joy to experience the freedom and space that the summer holidays give us when released from our structured routines. It allows us to surrender to the day and to let it unfold naturally, embracing that there is no real plan. It reminds us to be spontaneous, adventurous and socially connected.

I am however just as joyful to be back in the studio and on the mat with you all, my budding community of truth seekers. I equally love the idea of making and following a plan, having structure and routine back in my life to hold me and to establish intentions for the future to keep me moving in the right direction.

This opens us up to the idea of structure versus freedom and Yoga Sutra 2.46 - 2.47. They both encourage us to let go of the struggle, the mental constructs, to be easeful and comfortable wherever we are. To experience the freedom within the structure, applicable both on the mat and in our daily life.

If we have too much freedom, when left to our own devices, it often leads to a lack of commitment and poor decision making. If we are too structured, somewhere down the line we stop loving what we are doing because it starts to restrict us. We become rigid, confined and overwhelmed.

Let us move into this new decade inspired by these two ancient wisdom teachings to help us achieve balance in our lives. To help us to loosening the knots of resistance, to let go of the struggles of the past, to surrender the effort and relax into the moment. Then we can connect with intention, start to seek the truth, whilst inhabiting our being in the kindest and most gentle way.

It is in the effortlessness of simply being present that we can do the important work of letting go of our battles, judgments,stories and self-criticism that we become so invested in and attached to. Only then can we become present to the deeper aspects of self. Only then can we change the direction to who we want to be and by keeping our attention in the moment, on where we want to go. Then we move there more easily.

This is where the magic happens, where the transformation takes place and where we deepen our relationship with our self. It is where we develop the ability to radically self accept, self heal, find equilibrium, access the infinite intelligence of our being, learn to listen, trust, respect and to harness and direct our energy in more powerful ways.

Are you up for it? Then come along for the ride.

I'll meet you on the mat.

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