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Openness leads to vulnerability. vulnerability leads to connectivity.

To progress on the yoga path we have to practice vulnerability, one of our greatest strengths.

Instead of building walls, layers and armour around ourselves to protect us from our pain, discomfort and fears, we can meet them face to face, receive them, explore what they look like, loosen the threads a little or choose to let them go.

Show up to yourself, meet your fear of failure, your fear of being wrong, your fear of commitment or any others fears that you are holding within in you and surrender them.

When we choose to be honest with ourselves and face our fears we become open, vulnerable and connected to the reality rather than the fluctuations of our mind.

It requires deep faith and trust. Faith that when you let go that all going to be ok.

If we don't become vulnerable we can't become self-aware. If we are not self aware, the fears become our reality and taint our everyday experience.

Vulnerability is essential in order to grow and live a full life.

It lies in our ability to accept and surrender in every moment and affirm our own inner strength, courage.

The latin word “cor”, means heart. A definition of courage is “to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”.

When your open, trusting and courageous you give others permission to be the same. What a gift to give to someone.

So trust, live courageously, let go of trying to control everything and watch how your life changes in ways that you could never have imagined.

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