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So why do yoga? ​The simple answer is because it makes us feel good. But if we delve a little deeper we realise that good feeling comes from the cleaning out and preparing our mind. Patanjali tells us to focus on reducing the agitation . We need to face our own mind and go back to the roots so that it allows us to flourish and grow.

T.K.V Desikachar, one of the world’s foremost teachers of yoga, says "people are looking for meaning for their lives to work". He states that something is missing , creating tension, doubt or bumps in the road. Yoga is the path that helps us to strip away the emotions, sensations and conditions that are somewhere deep down inside you. It allows us to reconnect, tune in, chill out and improve ourselves all at the same time.

Using the age old principles of yoga we build relationship with the mind and the self through reflective inquiry. Yoga asks us to know ourselves, to know how we show up in any given moment, to know how our mood is, how our breath is, how our instrument - the body is and even how we respond when we can't do a particular posture the way we would like to. Then we start to practice acknowledgement, acceptance and letting go.

So let your goal be to create a comfortable and firm foundation of mind so that you can be free to move without fear into the quiet awareness of your body and your world.

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