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A few weeks ago someone asked me why I chose to become a yoga teacher. I proceeded to share the many gifts that I have personally received from practicing yoga, soon realising that I actually did not answer the question. I sat with it and this is what came up.

Yoga is this phenomenal tool that reconnects us with the self. As we do the practice something happens to us. Consciousness is awakened and we start to cultivate self awareness. Present to the body, connected with breath, we have come home.

It is this very transformation that I see on the faces of my students that really rocks my world and inspires me to teach yoga. The students leave class different from when they first walked in. The practice has changed them.

Through working with breath, mindfulness and movement we seek connection with the higher self. When we come together we create a community of seekers and I am simply there to support and facilitate that journey. The journey to healing, growth and expansion. I do this by sharing the practices and principles of yoga that have been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years.

It is here that I feel totally on purpose.

Be blessed. Live fully.


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