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Citizen of Two Worlds

"The study of asana is not about mastering posture. Its about using posture to understand and transform yourself" ~ BKS Iyengar

Yoga asana is not merely physical performance, the ancients tell us that they are a steppingstone for entering the inner realm to refine the quality of our mind.

The asana should allow us to abide in the body with a sense of strength, ease and stability and if we want to experience lasting contentment in our lives, we must also transcend the body to gain the same strength, ease, and stability in our mental, emotional, spiritual layers. The focus is placed on using the posture to transform the landscape of the mind opposed to striving to perfect or master it.

The yogis of the past are reminding us that we are a citizen of two worlds: an inner and outer world. They knew that focusing on mastering the inner world is vital if we are to master our outer world. Energy flows where our attention goes so, when we are caught up in the physical and the external world, we are ignoring our internal, Our energy leaks outwards which results in less potency to create the life that we want for ourselves.

It is our responsibility to be the caretaker, to take charge of our energy and to direct where it goes. To work on releasing the attachments to the outside world that entangle and drain us; worry, fear, likes and dislikes, anger, sadness etc.

The qualities of each posture act as gateways to cultivating courageousness, acceptance, surrender, flexibility, stability, or whatever you need in that moment to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. It is in every action that we take to reach inwards and make those internal adjustments that fosters a steadier, more comfortable and embodied expression of you

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