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Soul Revival Retreat

June 16th - 21st 2024

Wybalena Organic Farm

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"Soul Revival Retreat" is exactly what it conjures up. A compelling image of you on a transformative experience awakening and nourishing the very essence of your being.

Revival refers to the act of renewing, restoring, or bringing something back to life. Can you already feel the energy it carries and the sense of awakening and rejuvenation it has to offer.

This 6-day yoga retreat encompasses a variety of yogic tools that will focus on the physical, mental and spiritual exploration, self-discovery, and bringing one back to a sense of well-ness. You can expect a journey of complete revitalization for the soul.

This was a last minute opening by Wybalena and there are 14 places. I am taking expressions of interest only for the next couple of weeks to determine if I secure the booking. So please get in touch if interested to ensure  

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