P O L I S H I N G   T H E    M I R R O R

Sunday 29th October

10am - 1pm

When you look in a mirror it throws you a reflection of your self in that moment.  When we are willing to look beyond the physical, it becomes a tool for understanding

our self better.

Join me for asana and pranayama followed by a morning tea before we delve into the ancient yogic philosophy of bringing yoga into our daily lives .

 Yoga as a state of being both on and off the mat.

Cost $60


"This workshop is the most precious gift I can give myself. It strengthens my ability to go deep into myself & reflect what I often reject. I open up to more self awareness I can take the lead. Joining movement with breathe is a sublime path to my heart space and it is sealed beautifully with the insightful knowledge Dani offers. I love being in my heart & I am most grateful for the teachings Dani offers to support me to do this"

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14 Prescott Ave 
Mt Martha

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