Slow Flow Vinyasa

(all levels)

This class will guide you through classic vinyasa krama synced with the flow of breath.
It is open to all levels  of ability including the beginner practitioner. Perfect for those that are looking for a little more space in their practice to deepen their  connection of movement and  breath.

This cla

(All levels)

General Vinyasa

(Some Experience)

A breath lead vinyasa practice suitable for those looking for real yoga. Classes open with a reflective breath practice  moving into classic sequences, landing in savasana for deep relaxation to finish. Modifications are offered throughout the class in order to personalise the practice and meet yourself exactly where you are.

Siksana Practice


Siksana is a classic form of asana which emphasizes a  disciplined approach to each posture.  Sequential construction of going into, staying for a duration with conscious breath, moving out the same way. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of classical yoga asana.  This class is suitable for those that have had a prior experience of yoga.

Bro Yoga

(All levels)

Bro yoga is a class geared towards men with a focus on  developing tools to cope with the pressures of daily living and to restore peace in ones life.  These classes are designed to help the student to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and to feel more internally and outwardly connected.

Beginner Yoga



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