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Yoga Sutra 2.1 Yoga in Action

“Tapas svadhyaya isvara pranidanah kriya yogah"

These are very challenging and uneasy times that we find ourselves in and the only words that I can find at the moment are, please be kind to yourselves.

 Yoga Sutra 2.1 is all about how to live our yoga in difficult times. It is about putting on your yoga pants and taking action to show up to yourself consistently whether you want to or not. This is 'tapas', continuing to support yourself through practice regardless of what's going on around you.

This is how we are truly there for our self.

Through tapas, effort we root down for minimum10 minutes a day and make that inward journey. Whether its through asana, reflection, meditation or a simple breathing practice we open to what arises, 'svadyaya'. Awareness of that inner dialogue and the contents of our mind.

Surrender all stories and limiting beliefs rather than judging, identifying and linking with them. Pacify and let go your fears with long exhale. Link with the slow incoming breath and fill the heart and the spaces around the heart with humility and grace. Lift and inspire the mind to reach up to a higher perspective, 'Isvarapranidhana'. Acknowledge the ever changing nature of this world.

Now, 'atha' is the time to apply our yoga. Do the practice, make that regular connection to restore the peace and learn new ways of doing and being to expand awareness. Our practice guides us towards that ultimate goal,'santosha' a state of contented presence regardless of what happens next.

Go lightly yogis, stay close to yourself.



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