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Nourish, renew, 

Breathe deep, live fully

Each class invites us to relax into the body, mind, heart and emotions and make a connection with our self. Every breath and every movement you make form there are deliberate steps towards a better version of you. By emphasizing the breath in our postures, we gradually start to create space for us to see what we can let go of. Through this newly formed inner connection, guided by the principles of T. Krishnamacharya’s teachings, each moment becomes a sacred exploration where the practice will transform us.

Experience the big exhale.

The Big Exhale 25 Minute Vinyasa Yoga

The Big Exhale 25 Minute Vinyasa Yoga

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Find your starting point,

the condition of your entire being in that moment. Exhale, release the old, inhale receive the new energy.  

Each class offers a bhavana,
a theme that calls you into existence, that aims to nourish, renew and reconnect you with yourself.   



Be. encouraged and supported to take control of your own healing process through the principles of yoga therapy. Achieve a greater sense of personal empowerment to navigate your health and your life with greater confidence and resilience.



Make time and space for a reset., a return to your more authentic self. Retreating facilitates the removal of outdated cognitive patterning, promoting shedding of our psychological barriers.It fosters an upgrade in our physical, mental, and emotional energy systems.

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A comprehensive 2-day Vedic Meditation Course made up of 4 x 1.5hr sessions. Vedic Meditation is a profound practice deeply rooted in ancient wisdom. It's point of difference to other meditation techniques is the use of a personalized mantra which is based on your time of birth.



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Learn Vedic Meditation with me

"The mind is everything. What you think you become."  ~ Buddha

This quote succinctly expresses the transformative power of meditation and highlights how our thoughts shape our reality. It encapsulates this core idea that through meditation, we can train our minds, influence our thoughts, attitudes and mindset and as a consequence, transform our lives. 

Vedic Meditation offers a multitude of scientific research that indicates that regular practice significantly reduces stress and anxiety levels by promoting a state of deep relaxation via activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

It enhances attention, memory, and executive functioning, contributing to improved focus and mental clarity and has been shown to positively impact emotional regulation, leading to greater emotional stability, peace and resilience


Student feedback

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"I found I had more energy during the day, was sleeping better at night and generally felt healthier overall"

"I am on a path to be more positive and this course has really helped in making my mind feel clearer allowing me to think more positively"

"I have learned that every day my body, mind and energy is different. I love having a map in which to explore this from that honours my capabilities"

"The explanation Dani shares of all elements of the practice has been hugely beneficial in understanding and accepting myself and how I want to live, from the light within"

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