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Nourish, renew, and connect with yourself.

Firmly root down in your practice and experience as you move through traditional vinyasa krama in the style of T. Krishnamacharya.

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Experience the big exhale.

Find your starting point,

the condition of your entire being in that moment. Exhale, release the old, inhale receive the new energy.  

Each class offers a bhavana,
a theme that calls you into existence, that aims to nourish, renew and reconnect you with yourself.   

 The practice changes you.

The Big Exhale 25 Minute Vinyasa Yoga

The Big Exhale 25 Minute Vinyasa Yoga

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Be encouraged and supported to take control of your own healing process and life, personal empowerment.



Gift yourself this time and space, a return to our more authentic selves, living in synchronicity with our purpose, our direction our existence.



A comprehensive Teacher Training Course in the linage of T. Krishnamacharya.

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Establish a daily practice now
May 2 - 23rd

Kriya Meditation


Meditation means attention, to "attend to the whole self. It is taking "time out" from our restless mind and being released from the entrapment of our thoughts and feelings allowing us to reconnect with our true nature that resides behind the activities of the mind.

In this 4-week program you will learn a simple Kriya yoga meditation practice as a gateway for learning how to observe yourself ‘from the inside’ and inspect the quality of your thoughts. This becomes a very powerful tool in your toolbox, allowing you to develop discernment of which gives you the ability to choose how you move and respond to life. A choice to strengthen your positive more helpful thoughts or whether you continue reinforcing the old, unhelpful and negative version. 

The purpose of this course is to establish a clear and straightforward roadmap for building a personal meditation practice. We will explore the foundations, of finding the best conditions for establishing ease and presence in body and mind. You will learn how to bare witness and observe yourself through a new lense of kindness, compassion and acceptance.

It will include ancient yogic philosophy, basic preparatory postures, breathing techniques, chant and visualization which is suited to all level of practitioner from the beginner student through to experienced practitioners who like to explore new techniques. 

Student feedback

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"I found I had more energy during the day, was sleeping better at night and generally felt healthier overall"

"I am on a path to be more positive and this course has really helped in making my mind feel clearer allowing me to think more positively"

"I have learned that every day my body, mind and energy is different. I love having a map in which to explore this from that honours my capabilities"

"The explanation of the elements of the practice has been hugely beneficial in understanding and accepting myself and how I want to live, the light within"

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